Send FREE SMS Unlimited

Sometimes when you send an SMS message you will get the response "Blocked. No ad sponsor". mobiK will only deliver SMS to the regions supported by their advertising sponsors. If there is not a sponsor in the region where you are sending your SMS, the message cannot be delivered.

If you go through mobiK FAQ's page, it is quite outdated. mobiK has updated their website to version 2 and a lot has changed. When I use mobiK about 2 months ago, I can only send SMS. Now, I can even collect "K" points to redeem free stuff by inviting friends to join mobiK, completing surveys or enter competitions. One of the prize is invite 50 friends and get a $50 iTunes gift certificate!

Before the update, when you use mobiK to send a text message to your friend, your friend wouldn't know that it's coming from you. You'll have to make sure that you identify yourself in the message.

Now mobiK has updated their system and it shows your cellphone number instead of the word "Mobik". There is no need to guess which of your friend sent this SMS to you anymore! Moreover, having your number displayed allows your friend to easily reply your message without keying in your number.